Remote control repair, we can fix and repair your broke remote control for TV, VCR, DVD Player, CD and Stereo Receiver. We fix/repair remote controls for Sony, Toshiba, Hitachi, Magnavox, Philips, JVC, Kenwood, RCA, GE, Proscan, Mitsubishi, etc. Fix my remote Universal codes

The Remote Doctor


Follow these Steps for Repair:

Step 1: Remove Batteries

Step 2: Print “Repair Order Form” and fill out

Step 3: Send form, broke remote & check/money order to:

Replacement Remotes

4945 Reynolda Road

Winston Salem, NC 27106

remote control doctor

More Repair Information:

    If you can not find a replacement remote at we can fix most remotes with keys that will not function properly (intermittent) or have stopped transmitting for $23.00 learning remotes, multi-circuit and remotes with slide bars are $33.00. Shipping is included in price. We only repair IR (infa-red) remotes only.

    We do NOT do paint jobs, broken circuit boards or cosmetics to the remote control. There is a $10.00 charge if not fixable or if it works, includes shipping it back.  TIP: Do not get charged $10.00 for the mistake of sending us your remote control that works. Click here to test your remote control to see if it is working.

    If your remote control is unable to be repaired, we may send you a replacement remote control that will work without programming for your unit, along with your original (broke) remote control. NOTE: we will keep the money that was sent with the remote as if we repaired your original. Any questions about repair please call us at 336-377-2220.

PLEASE DO NOT SEND BATTERIES (we will NOT return them)

Please allow 7 to 10 days for your repair, most repairs mailed back within 72 hours.


Repair it yourself:

keypad repair kit

Try repairing your remote control yourself!

  1. BulletDouble check to make sure your remote control is broke and not your unit. Click Here for Instructions!

  2. BulletOrder the Key-Pad-Repair Kit.

  3. BulletLearn How To Repair your remote control. Click Here for Instructions!

All repairs carry a 60 day warranty!


For Original Remote Controls:

Visit Replacement Remotes for the original replacement remote control you need. We also carry a wide range of remotes for: VCR, TV, DVD, Audio, CD, Cable box, and Audio Receivers. We also carry many universal remote controls that will meet your television, VCR or DVD needs. Get a TV remote from us and pick from all brands of TV remote controls.  We carry all the name brands such as Fix my remote Toshiba , RCA , Panasonic , Proscan , Samsung , Sony , Aiwa , Emerson , Fisher , Guest Remotes for Hospitality rooms , Sanyo , Hitachi , Hampton Bay Remotes , JVC , Kenwood , Magnavox , Mitsubishi , Onkyo , Pioneer , and Sharp replacement remote controls.

Repair Service:

Visit for your entire remote control repair needs. If you have a broken remote due to spillage, damage due to dropping, abuse, bad parts on your remote or it just stops working. The Remote Doctor can fix your remote for any TV, VCR, satellite, stereo, CD, Audio, and DVD, etc.  Qualified personnel working at Replacement Remotes do all remote control repairs.  When fixing your remote we use our quality keypad repair kit. Find out How to Fix a Remote by using our instructions provided with our key-pad-repair kit found at . Our keypad repair solution will fix any problem such as... keys that don't work; keypads gummed up or dirty circuit boards. You can check out your remote to see if the problem is in your VCR, DVD, CD, TV, VCR, Audio or Satellite remote by going HERE. .

Universal & Learning Remote Controls:

Anderic remote controls now being offered from Replacement Remotes; they will replace many of the original remotes that are no longer available. If you have already purchased a Universal remote, you can also get your universal codes from or  These web sites supply Universal remote codes for most all, Universal remotes that need programming. Universal remotes will replace many lost or broken TV, VCR, DVD, CD and Audio remotes. offers many Universal remotes. You can replace most all your remote controls with one universal or learning remote control. These Universal remotes will perform the functions of several remotes and work most all brands and manufacturers. Some learning remotes have the ability to be taught all the functions from the original remote. Ask us about our learning remotes. Also check out for all your support needs. For ceiling fan remotes go to We also deal with other languages including: mandos a distancia, remtoes, telecommandes, fernbedienungen, telecomandi, controles remotes.